Mario is currently available to partner with new people on their mental health journey.

Pre-Professional Dancers
Weekly counseling services for dancers of all genders, ages 13-19, who are currently in training and experiencing socio-emotional challenges. Treatment will be one-on-one and will include a monthly session where the family (chosen or given) is invited to join and participate in the treatment process.

Couples and Families
Weekly or bi-weekly sessions with couples or families (chosen or given) who are willing to commit to a 6 month, solution-focused, treatment process. After the initial 6 months of weekly or bi-weekly sessions, there will be an assessment to see if the frequency needs to change, based on goals, objectives and outcomes achieved.

Individual Adults
Mario is currently partnering only with individual adults who are NOT working dancers or entertainment-industry professionals. This populations should seek free services at the Entertainment Community Fund.

for a free 30 minute get to know you session, contact Mario directly.